Milk Magic Strawberry Flavor Magic Milk Straws 24ct.


24 Count of flavored straws

(1) 24 count straw packages

Flavor: Strawberry

Item# 4104-23289

UPC: 803810232896

Magically transform nutritious milk into a flavor-filled, fun experience. Milk Magic™ is the healthiest way to get kids to drink their milk – naturally flavored, low in sugar, and in a variety of flavors they love. Just dip, sip, and enjoy!



Milk Magic Strawberry Magic Milk Straws

All things considered Milk Magic strawberry milk straws are simple to use. No liquids or powders to spill just insert your milk magic straw into any glass or carton of milk and sip. Our magic flavor beads then transform your milk into a symphony of deliciousness with every sip. Magic Milk Straws equal less mess which means less stress and consequently, your kids will drink more milk.

Magic Milk Straws are easy to store.  Our milk flavoring straws require no refrigeration. As a result, you and your kids can enjoy a healthy glass of milk anytime at home or on the go. Easily pack milk straws into a lunch box, purse, diaper or laptop bag.

Magic Straws are healthy. The flavor beads contain natural ingredients as a result are low in sugar, lactose-free, gluten-free, with no preservatives. In addition, magic straws contain no fat, cholesterol or hydrogenated oil traditionally found in syrups and powders used to flavor milk.

Suffer from milk allergies? Want a coffee alternative? Trying to watch your calories but cant drink unflavored milk? Milk magic straws can be used with any type of milk. Dairy, soy, almond, even lactose free. Don’t delay experience your milk magic moment today!

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, water, dextrose, strawberry flavoring, black carrot juice concentrate. Click Here for Nutritional Information

Warnings: Adult supervision recommended for children under the age of (3) three

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24 Count




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