Caffeinated Infusion Vanilla Latte 48 Servings


(2) Pack of 1.62 ounces containers approximately 48 eight ounce servings

Milk Magicâ„¢ Caffeinated Infusions turns any milk product into an indulgent iced coffee drink with a kick of caffeine and zero calories, anytime, anywhere.


Milk Magic Caffeinated Infusion Vanilla Latte

Caffeinated Infusion Vanilla Latte has the classic coffeehouse taste in an easy to use, no mess, mini squeeze bottle.  Combine milk, ice, a couple of squeezes of our vanilla latte caffeinated infusion. Then sit back and enjoy a rich, full-bodied espresso flavor with that touch of vanilla. Definitely an oh-so-sweet start or finish to your day. Naturally flavored with no sugar and zero calories.

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Weight 4.48 oz
Dimensions 0.00 x 0.00 x 0.00 in

Iced Vanilla Latte


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